The Essential Guide to Successful Western Blots

The Essential Guide to Successful Quantitative Western Blots

In Western blot quantification, where you are making comparisons to measure relative change in protein expression, reliable, reproducible data is critical.

Without performing all the necessary steps, such as antibody validation, housekeeping protein validation, linear range determination, and normalization, you cannot be certain your conclusions are based on good data.

While your choice of Western blot imager can have a significant impact on your data, there are many other steps in your Western blot procedure to be considered.

“The Essential Guide to Successful Quantitative Western Blots” breaks down the best practices laid out by industry leaders to ensure you are getting your best Western blots yet, including:

  • Choosing a normalization strategy
  • Performing validation experiments
  • Simplifying data analysis
  • And more...

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