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ClickIR™ Syringe

ClickIR Syringe

Fast, Accurate Gel Loading With the ClickIR™ Syringe

Load Samples in 5 Minutes or Less

8-channel Hamilton syringes (0.2 mm O.D.) have been widely used with LI-COR systems to make gel loading easier and faster. 64-well gels can be loaded in less than five minutes from a microtiter plate.

Consistent, Repeatable Sample Loading

Now a new accessory from LI-COR, the ClickIR Syringe, assures consistent volume delivery across the entire gel when used with Hamilton syringes. Sample loading is accurate and repeatable.

Dispense Volume by "Feeling" Clicks

The ClickIR Syringe attaches to the syringes and allows the user to feel clicks that correspond to 0.3 µl, 0.4 µl or 0.5 µl (selectable) as the sample is dispensed. The ClickIR Syringe makes it easier to load by allowing users to watch the position of the tips in the wells while dispensing volumes by feeling clicks.

ClickIR Gel Loader

The ClickIR Syringe can be purchased from LI-COR with a Hamilton syringe or separately for those who already use 8-channel Hamilton syringes.

ClickIR Gel Loader

"Feeling" a click for each unit volume dispensed allows you to concentrate on syringe position, rather than having to observe the volume being dispensed.

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