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Application Versatility

Technical Note:

One blot Western optimization using the MPX™ Blotting System
LI-COR Biosciences

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The MPX can be incorporated into a variety of assays. Examples include: primary and secondary antibody screening, monoclonal antibody screening, signal transduction pathway analysis, and time course studies. However, it is possible to adapt nearly all common Western procedures that generate a PVDF or Nitrocellulose blot of 7 x 8.5 cm to the MPX format.

Simple, Convenient Workflow

MPX workflow

Channel ports are conveniently spaced, staggered and beveled creating a simple workflow for using both standard and multi-channel pipettes. The low volume channel ports accommodate a maximum volume of 160 µl, thus conserving precious and costly antibody. The nesting dovetail joint design makes it easy to handle multiple-blot processing by allowing the continuous linkage of units.

Screen Up To 48 Targets on One Blot

Processing is as simple as clamping the blot into the MPX creating up to 24 independent channels. The range of usable channels per sample is relative to comb-size---from 24 on a single sample to four on a four-sample blot. Using LI-COR’s selection of IRDye® infrared dyes on the Odyssey Imagers provides a maximum of 48-targets on a single membrane— two per channel—and the option for quantitative analysis. Other detection methods, such as standard chemiluminescence and colormetric methods can provide a maximum 24 targets.

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