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Compound Injection Clip

Frost & Sullivan Award

LI-COR is proud to accept this prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan. Learn more.

The Compound Injection Clip is a versatile accessory that securely holds a syringe/catheter system (not included), allowing compounds to be injected while an animal is simultaneously being imaged. The Compound Injection Clip:

  • Accommodates syringes with ODs: 0.22 – 0.3"
  • Attaches to the Pearl Imaging Bed for easy transfer from work area to instrument.
  • Attaches to the outside of the Pearl Imager drawer, allowing the drawer to be closed and imaging started before administering the optical agent.
Compound Injeciton Clip

The Compound Injection Clip fastens securely onto the Pearl Impulse drawer, allowing agents to be administered while simultaneously being imaged.

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