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Organ Tray Base & Disposable Organ Trays

The Organ Tray Base and Disposable Organ Trays allow researchers to conveniently image organs on an unheated surface. This prevents organs from being compromised during the imaging procedure. In addition, the imaging of organs occurs without the administration of Isoflurane, ensuring a safe imaging environment.

Organ Trays & Base

The Organ Tray Base also allows for the flexibility of moving the organs to and from a surgical suite. The Organ Tray Base (PN 9300-23) comes with 5 disposable organ trays (PN 9300-836).

Disposable Organ Imaging Trays for the Organ Tray Base ensure that the bed surface will not be contaminated, and provide convenience when imaging organs from multiple mice. Although these trays may be re-used, they may be disposed of upon contamination. Disposable trays are available in packs of 5 (PN 9300-836) or 25 (PN 9300-837).

Advantages of using the Organ Tray Base:

  • Organ bed eliminates compromising organs and tissue during imaging
  • Disposable trays eliminate contamination of imaging bed
  • Disposable trays provide convenience when imaging organs from a series of mice
  • Unique optical properties reduce background noise in the near-infrared region of the spectrum resulting in high signal-to-noise ratios
  • Trough captures excess tissue and/or fluid
  • Field of View markings aid in organ positioning

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