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WesternSure Chemiluminescent Substrates

Choose WesternSure PREMIUM Chemiluminescent Substrate, optimized for digital detection.

WesternSure HRP Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

Use secondary antibodies that work with a variety of substrates.

WesternSure ECL Stripping Buffer

Remove primary and secondary antibodies from nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes, while retaining your target protein.

WesternSure Pre-stained Chemiluminescent Protein Ladders

Quickly orient your blot and monitor the reaction progress with pre-stained chemiluminescent protein markers.

Chameleon Vue Pre-stained Protein Ladder

Use for easy visualization of gel migration and protein size, and to orient your gel or membrane quickly.

WesternSure Pen

Annotate visible protein ladders to easily identify them later.

Western Incubation Boxes

Available in various sizes and in either pink or black, these boxes are perfect incubating your near-infrared fluorescent Western blots.

WesternSure Educational Kits

These kits contain all of the reagents you will need to teach and demonstrate chemiluminescent Western blots on the C-DiGit Blot Scanner.


Acquire and quantify images with Image Studio™ Software. Analyze images from several applications on one platform with additional software keys.

Image Studio Software

includes tutorials and documentation

Image Studio Lite Software

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