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  • Image Field Size:
    25 cm × 25 cm
  • Dynamic Range:
    4 logs (Manual); >6 logs (Auto)
  • Laser Lifetime:
    40,000 hours typical
  • 700 Channel Laser Source:
    Solid-state diode laser at 685 nm
  • 800 Channel Laser Source:
    Solid-state diode laser at 785 nm
  • Detectors:
    Silicon avalanche photodiodes
  • Scanning Speed:
    5 - 40 cm/s
  • Resolution:
    21 - 337 µm
  • Focusing Range:
    Microscope is adjustable 0 mm - 4 mm above the scan bed to obtain best signal-to-noise ratio

Operation Specifications

  • Operating Conditions:
    15-35 °C and dew point no greater than 20 °C
  • Power Requirements:
    Universal input range is between 100-240 VAC (voltage fluctuations not to exceed 10% of the nominal voltage); 4 Amp maximum; at 120V, 0.5 Amp typical when idle; 50/60 Hz.

Size and Weight

Odyssey Clx


Sync your workflow, from in vitro to in vivo to ex vivo with Odyssey CLx and Pearl Trilogy Imaging Workstation

Perform in vitro probe development on the Odyssey CLx

Examine biodistribution, uptake, and other in vivo analyses on Pearl Trilogy

Study excised tissue sections on the Odyssey CLx

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