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Simple Chemiluminescence

Simple Chemiluminescence

Figure 1. Chemiluminescence detection of purified transferrin, using the Odyssey Fc imager or film exposure. Detection sensitivity is similar. With Odyssey Fc detection, blowout of stronger bands is reduced and band resolution is improved.

Streamlined Workflow

With the Odyssey® Fc System, chemiluminescent imaging is streamlined for excellent results with minimal user adjustments and without the need for multiple exposures.

Eliminate Film

For chemiluminescent Western blot detection, the Odyssey Fc System saves you time and eliminates the guesswork of multiple exposures as well as the expense and hazardous waste of film processing. Saturation and blown-out bands are now a thing of the past. With the Odyssey Fc System's one-button image acquisition, a single digital image replaces a stack of time-consuming multiple exposures.

No Need for Multiple Exposures

The wide dynamic range of the Odyssey Fc System allows both strong and weak chemiluminescent bands to be clearly captured with only one exposure. This is especially valuable if you wish to quantify the chemiluminescent signal within its available linear range. LI‑COR® FieldBrite™ XT2 technology compensates for time and substrate signal variance issues common to chemiluminescence methods.

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