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Instead of getting two or three different instruments for imaging Western blots, agarose gels, SDS-PAGE gels, and other assays, we purchased a single instrument that can be used for all of these applications.

Dr. Rick Page, Miami University

It was a lot of hassle to do Western blots before we got the Odyssey® Fc because we didn’t always know what we were going to get… and then judging the intensity, how long do you leave the film on, that was always a problem.

Dr. Debra Martin, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

We do not have darkrooms in our new facility. We are definitely moving away from them, and it makes sense from an environmental and cost-efficiency standpoint.

Dr. Stanislav Kholmanskikh, Weill Cornell Medical College

Students can use the instrument for analysis of both Western blots and DNA gels, so we don’t have to have two separate systems.

Dr. Sue Katz, Rogers State University

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