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Pearl® Trilogy
Small Animal Imaging System

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Track your molecular targets in action with a sensitive dual-mode optical detection platform

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Discover Optical Imaging in a New Light

Minimize tissue autofluorescence in your measurements. Get high signal-to-noise ratios and exceptional sensitivity for in vivo imaging with near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence detection.

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Acquire Consistent Data

Capture an accurate representation of in vivo molecular activity. With uniform illumination across the entire imaging area, you’ll get consistent data that does not vary spatially.

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Make Every Shot Your Best Shot

No more adjusting camera settings before taking each image. Camera optics provide an optimal imaging setup for all your in vivo data acquisition needs, so you always get it right the first time.

Discover Optical Imaging in a New Light

Get the Near-Infrared Advantage

Whether you are monitoring biodistribution and clearance of imaging agents, or detecting specific targets, you need accurate signals higher than, and distinguishable from, background noise to track in vivo molecular activity.

Visible excitation light (white light, LED) is absorbed and scattered by animal tissue, resulting in low signal intensities and high background. Don’t let visible light sources limit your detection sensitivity.

Experience optical imaging in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum with the Pearl Trilogy Small Animal Imaging System. Get exceptional sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratios for all your molecular measurements.

Learn More about NIR Detection
NIR imaging window graph

Image in the NIR imaging window for optimal sensitivity.

Acquire Consistent Data

Have Complete Confidence in Your Results

In vivo validation of targets and targeting agents demands consistent results, image after image.

White light and LED based illumination sources diffuse excitation light across the imaging field, causing spatial variation in signal intensities. This can cause your data to change from image to image.

See the complete picture with Pearl Trilogy’s FieldBright™ Xi2 optical system. High-quality optics and lasers provide uniform illumination across the entire imaging area, so you get consistent, reproducible data with every image.

arthritis in mouse feet and ankles

Arthritis imaging with IRDye 800CW 2-DG (P/N 926-08946) in DBA Collagen antibody-induced arthritis model. Uninduced and induced mice were injected with IRDye 800CW 2-DG probe. Probe was retained in affected areas (feet and ankles) of induced mouse. Images acquired with Pearl® Impulse.

Make Every Shot Your Best Shot

Get an Imager that Adapts to Your Workflow

Your experiments may require moving animals in and out of the imaging area. But don’t get sidetracked re-aligning camera settings each time.

Get an imaging system that can accommodate your workflow needs. Pearl Trilogy’s optical system is designed to provide the optimal imaging setup for every data capture. So, whether you image one mouse, or twenty, you won’t need to adjust camera and exposure settings a single time.

800CW imaged in mouse

Monitoring of IRDye 800CW PEG (P/N 926-50401) uptake by lymph nodes. Images acquired with Pearl imager.

Pearl Trilogy

See the Pearl Trilogy in Action

Get reproducible data to assess in vivo specificity, biodistribution, and clearance of optical imaging agents. Bring the sensitivity of NIR detection and high-precision optics to your small animal imaging needs.

"Ease of use is definitely a very positive attribute. The fact that you can walk up to it and get in and get out is a real advantage…"

Dr. H Charles Manning, Vanderbilt University


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