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Pearl® Trilogy
Small Animal Imaging System

Now with Bioluminescence Detection

For near-infrared fluorescent and
bioluminescent optical imaging

At the heart of the Pearl Trilogy is the revolutionary FieldBrite™ Xi2 technology. FieldBrite Xi2 technology allows you to detect smaller and deeper targets accurately in a single acquisition, without having to worry about saturation.

Combined with intuitive, easy-to-use Image Studio™ Software, the Pearl Trilogy will quickly become the favorite system in any lab, regardless of experience level.

With FieldBrite Xi2 technology, it’s easier to:

  • Capture images
  • Normalize your data
  • Analyze your data

The Pearl Trilogy is an affordable optical imaging solution that delivers trusted data to researchers world-wide. You can perform small animal imaging using near-infrared fluorescence, and now, bioluminescence.

Using FieldBrite™ Xi2 technology, the Pearl Trilogy delivers clear and accurate data you can rely on to help move your research forward. Because you use the same camera settings for every image, visual representation of changes in target size are more accurate.

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