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AFLP Mixes


Optimized Kits

IRDye® infrared dye AFLP® kits for genomic research and AFLP® expression analysis deliver increased accuracy and high reproducibility through quality control against control DNA banding patterns. Enhanced reliability and fewer protocol adjustments help you get the most of your time. Plus, with infrared fluorescence detection the costs and problems of radioactivity are eliminated and the transition from manual methods is easy.


Above: AFLPĀ® Selective Amplification Kit. Right: AFLP® Template Preparation Kit. Center: IRDye 700® infrared dye and IRDye® 800 infrared dye labeled primers and Mse unlabeled primers.

IRDye® infrared dye Genomic AFLP® Kits

  • The Template Preparation Kit is used in steps one through three of the AFLP® process and prepares 100 templates.
  • The Selective Amplification Kits are used in the fourth step of the AFLP® process. These kits selectively amplify 25 templates with 64 different primer combinations for a total of 1600 reactions.
  • Startup Kits include both a template preparation kit and a selective amplification kit at an economical price.


  • IRDye® infrared dyes are safer than radioactive labels.

  • Easier, safer, and requires less labor than developing your own kits.

  • Image data are obtained in several hours instead of 2-4 days.

  • The sensitivity of LI-COR's DNA analyzer reduces costs through lower reagent usage and the elimination of labeling steps.

When used in combination with LI-COR's Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System, transcript-derived fragments can be recovered for further characterization. The sensitivity provided by LI-COR instruments, combined with the availability of optimized kits, eliminates radioactive labeling steps.

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