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Between Chemiluminescence Detection with Film and Using the Chemi-IR Detection Kit

Reagents Chemiluminescence Chemi-IR with film & IR detection Chemi-IR with IR detection only
Chemi reagents (10 mL)* $6.90 $6.90 N/A
Film** (2 films per blot) $15.00 $15.00 N/A
Chemi IR Detection*** N/A $2.49 $2.49
Total Cost $21.90 $24.39 $2.49

*Based on WesternSure® ECL Substrate pricing (P/N 926-80100)
**Based on current price of BioMax® XAR Film $7.50/film
***Chemi-IR detection pricing based on 100 blot Kit (LI-COR P/N 926-32236)

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