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Send an image showing a LI-COR reagent being used in your research. If your image is chosen for our Image Gallery, you will receive your choice of one of four reagents for free. Please include a brief description of the experiment shown in the image and the name of the reagent you used.

If your image shows a LI-COR secondary antibody, the image must show the secondary antibody being used to detect a protein of interest other than a loading control.

Limited one gift per customer. Offer valid for customers in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom only.

Thank you for your submission.

Thank you for submitting your image. You will be contacted shortly from a LI-COR team member.

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  • (Product lot # can be found on the product vial next to the part number.)

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    Form must be completely and correctly filled out.

    Image file must be a jpg, gif, or png

  • Researcher grants permission to LI‑COR, Inc. ("LI‑COR") to use; text/numeric and/or electronic images of Data ("Data" is defined as the images and associated methods received through this promotion); and appropriate attribution including name. Use of the Data may be used but not limited to: print, web-based, direct mail, and/or posters used for both educational and promotional purposes. Submission of Data does not guarantee use as described above. LI‑COR at its sole discretion may determine use based on quality and content of Data. Ownership and copyright of Data remain vested with the researcher and/or research institution. LI‑COR agrees to include attribution statement with image as long as the option to share anonymously is not selected during the submission of the image. LI‑COR at its sole discretion may change the terms and conditions of this drawing at anytime.

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