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IRDye® 650 Infrared Dye

IRDye 650 has a maximum excitation at 651 nm and maximum emission at 668 nm and is spectrally similar to other 650 dyes that are used for flow cytometry, microscopy and other applications. This dye is optimized for use with instruments that utilize those wavelengths.

IRDye 650 is available as: NHS ester, maleimide, DBCO, azide, alkyne, secondary antibody conjugates, and in labeling kits. IRDye 650 carboxylate is available through LI-COR Custom Services.

Solvent Ext. Coeff. (M-1cm-1) Abs Max (nm) Em Max (nm)
Methanol 240,000 651 668
1X PBS 230,000 648 665
PBS: Methanol 230,000

IRDye 650 absorption and emission spectra in methanol.
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