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IRDye® 680LT Infrared Dye

IRDye 680LT dye is highly soluble in water and is significantly brighter and more photostable than many other 700 nm near-infrared dyes. The spectral characteristics of IRDye 680LT are well suited for use on LI-COR imaging instruments with absorbance and emission maxima in aqueous solution and methanol of 676 and 693 nm, respectively. IRDye 680LT is available in the following forms: NHS ester, maleimide, carboxylate, secondary antibody conjugates, and in labeling kits. IRDye 680LT carboxylate is available through LI-COR Custom Services.

Note: IRDye® 680LT dye products should not be used for small animal in vivo imaging or
In‑Cell Western™ Assays. The higher level of fluorescent intensity creates high background making it unfavorable for use in these applications. We recommend using IRDye 680RD dye products for these applications.

IRDye 680LT in PBS
Solvent Ext. Coeff. Abs Max Em Max
(M-1 cm-1) (nm) (nm)
Methanol 250,000 680 694
1X PBS 250,000 676 693

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