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IRDye® 680LT Maleimide

IRDye® 680LT Maleimide will label molecules with free sulfhydryl (—SH) groups, such as cysteine residues in proteins. Conjugation can be performed at physiological pH.

IRDye® 680LT in PBS

IRDye 680LT in PBS
Solvent Ext. Coeff. Abs Max Em Max
(M-1 cm-1) (nm) (nm)
Methanol 250,000 680 694
1X PBS 250,000 676 693
Maleimide reacting with a Thiol group

Maleimide reacting with a Thiol group

Note: IRDye® 680LT dye products should not be used for small animal in vivo imaging or
In‑Cell Western™ Assays. The higher level of fluorescent intensity creates high background making it unfavorable for use in these applications. We recommend using IRDye 680RD dye products for these applications.

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