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Which 700 Channel Dye
Should I Use?

LI-COR offers three distinct 700 channel dyes for a variety of applications. Choosing the correct dye is critical when developing an experiment. A summary of each dye and an application table are provided to help you determine which dye is best for your needs.

IRDye® 680RD

IRDye 680RD is the near-infrared fluorescent dye of choice for small animal imaging, Western blot, and In-Cell Western™ Assay applications in the 700 channel. It has the lowest background compared to LI-COR’s other 700 nm dyes and can be used for the widest variety of applications with little optimization. The NHS ester and maleimide forms of this infrared dye are ideal for labeling proteins, peptides, and antibodies. LI-COR offers a variety of IRDye 680RD dyes, labeling kits and secondary antibodies.

IRDye 680LT

IRDye 680LT is significantly brighter and more photostable than many other 700 nm near-infrared dyes such as Alexa Fluor® 680. It provides superior performance for protein detection applications, including microscopy and Western blot applications. LI-COR offers a variety of IRDye 680LT dyes, labeling kits, and secondary antibodies. When using IRDye 680LT secondary antibodies for Western blot detection, it is critical to follow the recommendations in the pack insert. Dilution optimization may be required to achieve best results.

IRDye 700DX

IRDye 700DX is the most photostable 700 nm dye offered by LI-COR. This phthalocyanine dye has robust properties that make it suitable for optical imaging when conjugated to antibodies, receptor-binding ligands, small molecules, and more. It is considerably less sensitive to photobleaching than many other organic fluorochromes, and has excellent water solubility and salt tolerance. LI-COR offers a variety of IRDye 700DX dyes, and labeling kits.

Application IRDye 680RD IRDye 680LT IRDye 700DX
Western Blot check-box@2x check-box@2x check-box@2x
In-Cell Western™ Assay check-box@2x Not recommended check-box@2x
On-Cell Western Assay check-box@2x Not recommended check-box@2x
RNAi Screens check-box@2x For Western blots only check-box@2x
Protein Array check-box@2x check-box@2x  
Immunohistochemistry check-box@2x check-box@2x check-box@2x
Microscopy check-box@2x check-box@2x check-box@2x
2D Gel Detection check-box@2x check-box@2x check-box@2x
Tissue Section imaging check-box@2x check-box@2x check-box@2x
FRET-based Assays check-box@2x check-box@2x check-box@2x
Small Animal imaging check-box@2x Not recommended check-box@2x

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