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IRDye® 680RD Infrared Dye

IRDye 680RD in PBS

IRDye 680RD infrared dye is the near-infrared fluorescent dye of choice for small animal imaging applications in the 700 nm wavelength. This infrared dye is ideal for labeling proteins, peptides, and antibodies. IRDye 680RD is available in the following forms: NHS ester, maleimide, carboxylate, DBCO, azide, alkyne, secondary antibody conjugates, and in labeling kits.

Features & Benefits

Solvent Ext. Coeff. Abs Max Em Max
(M-1 cm-1) (nm) (nm)
Methanol 170,000 680 694
1X PBS 165,000 672 694
PBS: Methanol 165,000    

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