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IRDye® 700DX Infrared Dye

The phthalocyanine dye IRDye 700DX has robust properties that make it suitable for optical imaging when conjugated to antibodies, receptor-binding ligands, small molecules, and more. It is considerably less sensitive to photobleaching than many other organic fluorochromes, and has excellent water solubility and salt tolerance. IRDye 700DX is available as an NHS ester and in labeling kits. Other forms are available through LI-COR Custom Services.

Features of IRDye 700DX:

  • NHS ester reactive group for labeling primary and secondary amino groups
  • Potential as a molecular-targeted cancer therapy, or photoimmunotherapy (PIT)1
  • Excellent photostability, water solubility, and salt tolerance2
  • Alternative to Quantum Dots

  1. M. Mitsunaga, M. Ogawa, N. Kosaka, L.T. Rosenblum, P.L. Choyke, H. Kobayashi, Cancer cell-selective in vivo near infrared photoimmunotherapy targeting specific membrane molecules. Nature Medicine17, 1685-1691, 2011.
  2. X. Peng, D.R. Draney, W.M. Volcheck, G.R. Bashford, D.T. Lamb, D.L. Grone, Y.Zhang, C.M. Johnson, Phthalocyanine dye as an extremely photostable and highly fluorescent near-infrared labeling reagent. Proceedings of SPIE 6097, 2006.

Aura Biosciences Closes $21M Series B Financing

Prepares to enter clinical trials for the treatment of rare ocular cancers

“…Aura’s lead product incorporates a viral nanoparticle conjugated with a potent cell-killing laser-activated molecule (IRDye 700DX, LI-COR Biosciences)… "

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Absorbance Spectrum of IRDye 700DX Infrared dye in PBS.
Solvent Ext. Coeff. Abs Max Em Max Stokes Shift
(M-1 cm-1) (nm) (nm) (nm)
Methanol 210,000 680 687 7
Water 165,000 689 700 11
1X PBS 165,000 689 700 11

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