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IRDye® 700DX
Protein Labeling Kits

Labeling Reactions

IRDye reactive dyes bear an N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) reactive group that couples to free amino groups and forms a stable conjugate. Proteins other than IgG antibodies can be labeled, but protocol adjustment and optimization may be necessary.

IRDye labeling kits are based on a simple conjugation protocol that uses fast, spin column cleanup with resulting purity equivalent to purification by dialysis. Simply dissolve the protein in the provided buffer, combine it with the appropriate amount of water soluble amine-reactive IRDye, and separate the labeled conjugate from the free dye using the included spin columns. Labeling and purification are complete in approximately 2 hours.

Table 1.

  Quantity of Protein to Label
  <100 µg 100 µg - 1 mg
Size of Protein

14-200 kDa

15-45 kDa

45-200 kDa

Detection Channel

800 nm

700 nm

800 nm

700 nm

800 nm

700 nm

  IRDye 800 CW - Microscale IRDye 680RD - Microscale
IRDye 680LT - Microscale
IRDye 800CW - Low MW IRDye 680RD - Low MW
IRDye 680LT - Low MW
IRDye 800CW - High MW IRDye 680RD - High MW
IRDye 680LT - High MW
High photostability needed?

IRDye 700DX - Microscale IRDye 700DX - Low MW IRDye 700DX - High MW

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