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IRDye® 800CW Infrared Dye

Frost & Sullivan Award

LI-COR is honored to have received this prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan. More about this reward.

IRDye 800CW is ideal for protein and antibody labeling, or nucleic acid applications with high labeling density. IRDye 800CW is available in the following forms: NHS ester, maleimide, carboxylate, DBCO, azide, alkyne, secondary antibody conjugates, and in labeling kits.

  • Optimal performance in Western blotting and immunocytochemical assays
  • Superior performance for in vivo imaging
  • High water solubility and salt tolerance
  • Low non-specific binding to cellular components
  • High signal-to-noise ratio

IRDye 800CW and Clinical Translation

LI-COR Clinical Translation seeks to facilitate the use of IRDye 800CW imaging agents in clinical studies for detection of disease and its progression, and for monitoring of treatment and drug efficacy.

IRDye 800CW manufactured under cGMP is intended only for investigational use in clinical trials.

  • Used by leading molecular imaging laboratories that develop translatable targeting agents
  • Easily conjugated to biomolecules (unlike ICG, which cannot be attached to biomolecules in its clinically approved form)

To discuss commercial development rights using IRDye infrared dyes, please contact Business Development.

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