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IRDye® 800CW Maleimide

IRDye 800CW Maleimide provides the functionality for labeling molecules that contain free sulfhydryl (-SH) groups with IRDye 800CW. The reactive group of the IRDye 800CW Maleimide allows conjugation reactions to be performed very efficiently at physiological pH.

IRDye 800CW Maleimide will label molecules with free sulfhydryl (-SH) groups, such as cysteine residues in proteins. Conjugation can be performed at physiological pH.

To discuss commercial development rights using IRDye infrared dyes, please contact Business Development.

Maleimide reacting with a Thiol group

[ABOVE] Maleimide reacting with a Thiol group

IRDye 800CW in PBS
Solvent Ext. Coeff. (M-1cm-1) Abs Max (nm) Em Max (nm)
Methanol 300,000 778 794
Water 240,000 774 789
1X PBS 240,000 774 789
PBS: Methanol 270,000 777 791

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