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IRDye® 800RS Infrared Dye

IRDye 800RS is an excellent choice for nucleic acid applications. IRDye 800RS is available as an NHS ester. Other forms are available through LI-COR Custom Services.

  • NHS ester reactive group for labeling primary and secondary amino groups
  • Labeled nucleic acids easily purified by reverse-phase chromatography
  • Good water solubility, but low salt tolerance
  • More hydrophobic than IRDye 800CW
  • Useful for self-quenching protease assays

Note: IRDye 800RS is not recommended for most protein applications, because of its potential for self-quenching

Solvent Ext. Coeff. Abs Max Em Max Stokes Shift
(M-1cm-1) (nm) (nm) (nm)
Methanol 300,000 770 786 16
Water 200,000 767 786 19
1X PBS 200,000 767 786 19
PBS: Methanol 270,000 770 786 16
Absorbance Spectrum of IRDye 800RS Infrared dye in PBS.
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