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BrightSite IRDye® Small Animal Imaging Agents

Frost & Sullivan Award

LI-COR is honored to have received this prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan.
More about this reward.

Near-infrared fluorescent probes for targeting of tumors, bone, lymphatics, and more.

  • Validated with cell-based assays, microscopy, small animal imaging, and histology to ensure high affinity and specificity
  • Simply administer the agent, then image the animal with a small animal imager equipped with an appropriate 680 nm and 800 nm filter set
  • Compatible with most small animal imaging systems, including instruments from LI-COR Biosciences (Pearl® Imager and Odyssey® Imager), PerkinElmer (Xenogen, Caliper, CRi, and VisEn), and Bruker (Carestream and Kodak)

BrightSite IRDye Small Animal Imaging Agents deliver:

  • Sensitive detection in the animal — even for small or deep targets
  • Ready-to-use simplicity
  • Proven track record of peer-reviewed publications

Our Custom Services group can also provide the following optical agents:

  • IRDye 680RD EGF
  • IRDye 800CW HA (Hyaluronan)
  • IRDye 680RD RGD
  • IRDye YC-27

For these or other conjugates not listed, contact our dye-conjugation experts.

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