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IRDye® 800CW EGF Optical Probe is composed of recombinant a EGF polypeptide containing 54 amino acid residues (molecular weight=6.2 kDa) conjugated to the LI-COR IRDye 800CW NIR fluorophore. IRDye 800CW EGF has been optimized for research pertaining to tumor biology

Probe Specificity

In-Cell Western™ assays on the Odyssey® CLx, Odyssey Classic, or Odyssey Sa Infrared Imaging Systems are used to determine binding specificity of the probe in vitro for various cell lines (Figure 1).


Figure 1. Two different cell lines known to over-express the EGFR were characterized by evaluating:

  • a. binding of IRDye 800CW EGF
  • b. IRDye 800CW only
  • c. competition assay using unlabeled EGF to compete for EGFR sites

Figure 2. Two Athymic Nu/Nu tumor-bearing mice were injected with either 0.9% saline (left) or 1 nmol IRDye 800CW EGF (right) 72 hours prior to imaging with the LI-COR Odyssey Infrared Imaging System

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