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Pre-stained Protein Ladder

Chameleon Duo Pre-stained Protein Ladder provides multi-colored, pre-stained bands for visual inspection and two-color near-infrared detection.

  • Includes 11 protein bands from 8 to 260 kDa (see figure).

Use the ladder for easy visualization of gel migration and protein size, and to orient your gel or membrane quickly.

Instructions for Sizing Bands in Image Studio™ Software:

It is important to define and use the appropriate Marker Set for accurate sizing, as each Chameleon product contains bands with different molecular weights.

Chameleon Duo data

Sizing Bands in Image Studio 5.x:

  1. Apply a Western or MPX Western Analysis.
  2. On the Western Analysis tab, select the Chameleon Marker from the list of presets in the Marker Lanes group.
  3. Drag the marker handle (the M1 displayed on the image) over the marker lane.
  4. After you have positioned the marker handle above the marker lane, band sizes will appear in the Size column of the Western Bands table.

Sizing Bands in older Image Studio versions:

Refer to the Help System for more information.

Product Ordering Information

Order online or contact your local sales office.

Order online or contact your local sales office.

Order online or contact your local sales office.

To order, please contact your local distributor

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