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Chemiluminescent Reagents

WesternSure chemiluminescent reagents are optimized for use with film, the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner and the Odyssey® Fc Imaging System.

WesternSure chemiluminescent reagents offer the best performance available when compared to other competitive products on the market. WesternSure PREMIUM is a highly sensitive enhanced substrate for detecting horseradish peroxidase (HRP) on immunoblots.

WesternSure HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies are compatible with a variety of chemiluminescent substrates and are optimized for use with WesternSure PREMIUM chemiluminescent substrates.

WesternSure ECL Stripping Buffer allows you to strip and reprobe chemiluminescent Western blots and does not require hazardous shipping, unlike many other stripping buffers.

With the WesternSure Pen you can annotate visible protein ladders prior to chemiluminescent Western blot detection.

WesternSure Educational Kits contain all of the reagents you will need to teach and demonstrate chemiluminescent Western blots on the C-DiGit Blot Scanner. Kits contain 100 mL WesternSure PREMIUM Chemiluminescent Substrate, 10 large clear Western Incubation Boxes, WesternSure Pre-Stained Chemiluminescent Ladder, 10 Odyssey Nitrocellulose membranes, and 1.0 mL of either WesternSure HRP Goat anti-Mouse or WesternSure HRP Goat anti-Rabbit.

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