WesternSure Chemiluminescent Pre-stained Protein Ladder
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WesternSure® Pre-stained Chemiluminescent Protein Ladder

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Order online or contact your local sales office.

Order online or contact your local sales office.

Order online or contact your local sales office.

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If you use chemiluminescent protein markers, your workflow is probably complicated by some of these common problems:

  • Your marker requires strep-tagged HRP
  • Your ladder relies on IgG binding sites to be detected by an HRP secondary antibody
  • Trial and error is required to optimize loading volume for your marker

To remove these complications from your workflow, switch to the WesternSure Chemiluminescent Pre-stained Protein Ladder.

The WesternSure Protein Ladder:

  • Is the only pre-stained, multi-colored Protein Ladder that provides chemiluminescent signal for film and digital detection
  • Will fit with your current protocol without optimization
  • Does not rely on strep-tagged HRP or secondary antibody binding
  • Works with a variety of substrates
  • Provides a vibrant color scheme that allows you to quickly orient your membrane

The ladder consists of:

  • Nine recombinant protein bands (8 - 260 kDa)
  • One green reference band (8 kDa)
  • Three orange reference bands (38, 70, and 260 kDa)

Note: The WesternSure Ladder is not recommended for use when stripping and reprobing Western blots. Stripping buffer alters the chemiluminescent functionality of the Ladder, resulting in weak or no signal.

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