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Image Studio Software

Designed for accurate analysis of data acquired on LI-COR imaging systems

Secure Your Research Findings

Use an image analysis software program that does not alter your raw experimental data.

Integrate All Things Data

With a multifunctional software that acquires, analyzes, and archives your work.

Get the Most Out of Your Software

Built with a user-friendly interface and loaded with image analysis essentials.

Secure Your Research Findings

Don't Add Yet Another Variable to Your Study Design

Adjusting and analyzing data images using software programs that are not supported by your LI-COR imaging systems (e.g., Photoshop, Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor, ImageJ, among others) can modify your experimental results. Certain features within these unsupported programs may even affect your data non-linearly, potentially affecting your experimental outcomes.

Image Studio software is designed with analysis options that only affect how raw data pixels are mapped to your screen. In other words, you only change the way your data image is displayed on the screen. Your original experimental results are secure and untouched.

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Integrate All Things Data

Get To Your Results Quicker

Are you still relying on multiple software programs for decoding the results of your experiments?

Simplify data capture and analysis with the multifunctional Image Studio software. It is a complete package for acquiring, analyzing, and archiving data from LI-COR instruments, so you will not need additional software to get to your results.

Designed for Western blot data analysis, access to all necessary features is only one click away; from adjusting scan settings, image tonality, and normalization channel settings, to adding marker templates, quantitating band intensities, and charting data, among others.

If you are imaging microplates, slides, gels, tissue sections, or small animals, you get dedicated templates and analysis options for performing ratiometric calculations and signal quantitation.

From there, you can export your data for publications, presentations, or directly into customizable lab book templates.

Get up and running with Image Studio.

Get the Most Out of Your Software

Data Analysis Simplified for You

Image Studio has a familiar ribbon-based interface, which makes it easy to get up and running.

The image acquisition ribbon is customized to the imaging system configured with the workstation, and has convenient scan settings. Image analysis ribbons for a variety of assay types (blots, plates, grids, small animal) are either pre-installed into the software settings or can be added on.

The same intuitive software platform is compatible with all LI-COR imaging systems, including the Odyssey®, Pearl®, and C-DiGit®, as well as the Aerius imager. Importing and analyzing data from other instruments is simple.

Image Studio is compatible with both Mac® and PC computers. Multi-user licenses are also available for accessing data files from multiple computers.

Experience a free version of Image Studio.

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