Free Western Blot Analysis Software. LI-COR Image Studio Lite.
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Image Studio Lite

Free Western Blot
Analysis Software

Now compatible with Mac®

A Dream Come True Without the Unicorn

A Dream Come True… Image Studio Lite is simple, easy-to-use software. You can analyze your Western blot images to get just what you’ve been dreaming about: publication-ready results.

…Without the Unicorn. Unicorns are elusive and untouchable – but Image Studio Lite is for everyone in your lab. Use it anywhere and rely on it anytime.

With Image Studio Lite Software*, you can:

Image Studio Lite is used for basic Western blot analysis, but does not operate your LI-COR instrument. Please see this table for more information.

Optional Software Keys

Four analysis software keys are now available for users of Image Studio Lite 5.0.

  • In-Cell Western™ Key for analysis of in vitro assays in microplate format. It automatically finds wells for 96- and 384-well microplates, and performs ratiometric calculations.
  • Small Animal Imaging Key includes Auto Shape tool to quickly mark tumors, organs, and other regions of interest. Pseudocolor display style helps to quickly isolate regions of interest.
  • Plate/Grid Key allows you to place a pattern of shapes on an image.
  • Western Key enables analysis of Western blot and multiplex (MPX) Western blot images.

NOTE: These four keys are ONLY compatible with Image Studio Lite 5.0 or higher. If you haven’t done so yet, download the latest version of Image Studio Lite now.

* Please note: Although Image Studio Lite is a freely-available software from LI-COR®, it should not be considered open source nor should it be distributed by any other entity. Please read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) for more details.

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