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Mobile Acquisition for C‑DiGit® Blot Scanner

Image Studio Mobile Acquisition for C-DiGit is an app that can acquire images from a LI‑COR® C‑DiGit® Blot Scanner using Apple® iOS® mobile devices, such as iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod®. This convenient app allows you to acquire a chemiluminescent Western blot image from your C‑DiGit Blot Scanner, adjust the brightness and contrast, save images files to the mobile device image gallery and also share (export) the data with your office computer for full analysis using Image Studio software. See Requirements.


  • Acquire an image from your LI‑COR C‑DiGit Blot Scanner
  • Adjust image intensity using Image Chooser and Image Adjust tools
  • Save 8-bit image files to Photos section of the iOS device
  • Access images from Office computer by easily transferring raw image files using e-mail, iTunes® File Sharing or Dropbox from mobile device
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