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Production of the Model 4300 has been discontinued as of January 1, 2014.
Service and support may become limited. Please contact your local sales office.

SagaMX Software

Automated, Accurate Scoring

SagaMX bins 37

Tedious analysis steps are reduced by fast, accurate, and automated scoring. Both polymorphic and monomorphic bands are scored automatically. Bins are automatically added at any base pair locations where bins are already present in other images that use the same set of selective amplification primers.

SagaMX also helps you administrate your projects with tools to manage molecular weight standards, selective amplification primer pairs, sample descriptions, etc.

Easy, Accurate Editing

SagaMX easy, accurate editing

Powerful editing tools let you edit directly on the gel images. Scoring markers or bins can be changed by simply clicking the right or left mouse button on the image and using the popup menu to choose the type of edit. Bins can be added at any location of interest or all bins can be added to the database. There are several ways to view your data, including a window that displays the same bin on various gels for easy comparison between gels.

When you are through editing, all changes are stored in the Oracle® database. Oracle® database products give SagaMX the highest stability and integrity. A variety of report formats are available to prepare your data for widely used mapping and phylogenetics software.

Superior Results with True Gel Images

SagaMX superior results with True Gel images

LI-COR's autoradiogram image format has set the standard as the most easily interpreted, accurate data format for AFLP® analysis. True gel images are easier to interpret than intensity peaks and the familiar format lets you apply all the image interpretation methods you already know.

Like autoradiogram images, LI-COR images allow all samples to be visualized simultaneously for more accurate comparison. Because of infrared detection, LI‑COR images have the additional benefit of data so clean that co-dominant scoring can be performed.

Automation from Electrophoresis Through Band Scoring

With SagaMX AFLP® Software, there is nothing to do after sample loading but to wait for gels to be automatically scored and added to the Oracle® database. Runs are started from Saga client software, after which the DNA Analyzer starts electrophoresis and controls data collection. After electrophoresis, Saga automatically transfers image data in autoradiogram format to the Saga Application Server for analysis and storage.

SagaMX system diagram

Additional System Features:

  • Automated, secure data storage in an Oracle® database
  • Scalable architecture from a Personal Edition to the Server Edition that controls multiple DNA analyzers and multiple Saga clients
  • Operates in a stand-alone configuration, through your network, or even over the Internet.

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