50-1500 bp DNA Sizing Standard IRDye® 800

50-1500 bp DNA Sizing Standard IRDye 800

The 50-1500 bp size standard is composed of 15 IRDye 800 dye-labeled DNA fragments, provided in a lyophilized form. The DNA fragment sizes were selected to allow for rapid identification of bands and accurate sizing over the entire range.

Note: This product is only for use with LI-COR automated DNA sequencing systems.


  • 50-1500 bp size standard (2 tubes, lyophilized)
  • Blue Stop Solution (1 tube, 0.25 mL) – contains bromophenol blue in 90% formamide

Note: This product is not for use with Odyssey® Imaging Systems.

50-1500 bp DNA Sizing Standard IRDye data

Selected P/N: 829-05351



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