IRDye® 650 Alkyne Infrared Dye

IRDye 650 Alkyne Infrared Dye for Click Chemistry.

IRDye 650 Alkyne provides the functionality for preferential labeling of molecules containing azide groups (–N3) with IRDye 650.

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Dye Structure


  • Chemical Formula: C45H50N3Na3O13S4
  • Molecular Weight: 1038.11 g/mol
  • Exact Mass: 1037.19
  • Correction factor at 260 – 280 nm: 3%

Absorption and Emission Spectra

Solvent Absorption Maxima Emission Maxima
Methanol 651 nm 668 nm
1X PBS 649 nm 665 nm

Absorbance and Emission Spectra in 1X PBS

Molar Absorptivity

Solvent Molar Absorptivity (L mol-1 cm-1)
Methanol 240,000
1X PBS 230,000
1:1 Methanol to 1X PBS 230,000

Selected P/N: 929-60011,929-65011



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