IRDye® 650 Infrared Dyes


IRDye 650 has a maximum excitation at 651 nm and maximum emission at 668 nm and is spectrally similar to other 650 dyes that are used for flow cytometry, microscopy and other applications. This dye is optimized for use with instruments that utilize those wavelengths.

IRDye Infrared Dyes Overview

Other Forms Available

Click Chemistry utilizes pairs of reagents that exclusively react with each other and are effectively inert to naturally occurring functional groups such as amines. LI-COR offers IRDye 650 DBCO, azide, and alkyne for click chemistry applications.

IRDye 650 NHS ester is available in labeling kits so that you can label your own compounds for assay or probe development.

IRDye 650 dye-conjugated forms are available from LI-COR, including:

IRDye 650 Can Be Used for Immunohistochemistry

Immunofluorescence staining of HER2 protein on SK-BR-3 cells. Cells were cultured on cover slips. After fixation and permeabilization, cells were incubated with rabbit anti-HER2 mAb (CST), followed by detection with IRDye 650 Goat anti-Rabbit (P/N 926-65020). Nuclei were stained with DAPI. Image acquired with Olympus IX81 microscope.

To discuss purchase quantities over 1 gram or commercial development rights using IRDye infrared dyes, please contact Business Development.

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