IRDye® 700DX Carboxylate

IRDye 700DX Carboxylate

The phthalocyanine dye IRDye 700DX has robust properties that make it suitable for optical imaging when conjugated to antibodies, receptor-binding ligands, small molecules, and more. It is considerably less sensitive to photobleaching than many other organic fluorochromes, and has excellent water solubility and salt tolerance. It can also be an alternative to quantum dots.

Recently, IRDye 700DX has shown potential as a molecular-targeted cancer therapy, or photoimmunotherapy (PIT)1. IRDye 700DX dye-conjugated probes and agents are currently involved in ocular melanoma and head and neck cancer clinical trials.

Assays that use IRDye 700DX conjugates may require a "dye-only" control for potential effects or retention of the dye.

Carboxylate (non-reactive) form of IRDye 700DX is an ideal control.

Note: The carboxylate dye has no reactive group and cannot be used for labeling.

Dye Structure

IRDye 700DX Carboxylate Ester structure


  • Chemical Formula: C70H92N11Na5O25S6Si3
  • Molecular Weight: 1879.12 g/mol
  • Exact Mass: 1877.34


  1. M. Mitsunaga, M. Ogawa, N. Kosaka, L.T. Rosenblum, P.L. Choyke, H. Kobayashi, Cancer cell-selective in vivo near infrared photoimmunotherapy targeting specific membrane molecules. Nature Medicine17, 1685-1691, 2011.

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