NewBlot Stripping Buffers Optimized for NIR Western Blotting

NewBlot Stripping Buffers for NIR Western Blots


NewBlot Stripping Buffers are optimized for near-infrared (NIR) Western blots, including blots detected with IRDye® secondary antibodies. Each formulation is supplied as a 5X solution.

NewBlot stripping buffers are specially formulated for IRDye secondary antibodies including IRDye 800CW, 680RD, and 680LT.

  • NewBlot IR is a robust formulation that works with both nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes. This stripping buffer is a good place to start if you are new to stripping and reprobing NIR Western blots. NewBlot IR works well for removal of all LI-COR IRDye secondary antibodies, and may be suitable for removal of other dye-conjugated secondary antibodies. It does not require hazardous shipping, unlike many other stripping buffers.

    Note: NewBlot IR Stripping Buffer is not recommended for loading amounts over 30 µg.

  • NewBlot Nitro is intended for nitrocellulose membranes only, and is ideal for removal of secondary antibody.
  • NewBlot PVDF is intended for PVDF membranes only, and is ideal for removal of secondary antibody.

Choosing the Right Stripping Buffer

NewBlot Stripping Buffer Specifications

All NewBlot Stripping Buffer formulations are supplied as 5X concentrated solutions. Each 100 mL bottle is sufficient for up to 3000 cm2 or approximately fifty 7 × 8.5 cm Odyssey® nitrocellulose membranes.

NewBlot Nitro and NewBlot PVDF stripping buffers contain hazardous materials and additional shipping costs will be applied.