PSVue 794 Reagent Kit for Detection of Apoptosis and Necrosis.

PSVue® 794 Reagent Kit

PSVue 794 Reagent Kit for Detection of Apoptosis and Necrosis.

PSVue 794 is a near-infrared fluorescent probe for detection of apoptotic and necrotic cells, bacteria, and other anionic membranes.

The compound has a fluorescence excitation maximum at 794 nm and emission maximum of 810 nm. Through its zinc(II)-dipicolylamine (Zn-DPA) moiety, PSVue 794 has been found to bind strongly to negatively charged bacterial cell walls (e.g., S. aureus, E. coli) and necrotic regions present in various tumors (e.g., mammary, prostate, glioma) in vitro and in vivo.

PSVue 794 has also been found to bind to the phosphatidylserine (PS) residues exposed on the cell surface of apoptotic cells, making it a more cost-effective alternative to fluorescently-labeled Annexin V in various cell death assays. The labeling buffer provided with the kit (Diluent X) is designed to maximize dye solubility and is suitable for in vitro and in vivo use.

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Kit Components

  • Pre-weighed amount of apo-PSS 794 solid dye, at least 1 mg
  • Diluent X, 1 mL
  • 4.2 mM Zinc Nitrate Solution in Diluent X, 1 mL

The PSVue 794 reagent kit contains components to provide a 1 mM solution of PSVue 794 in aqueous solution.

PSVue 794 Structure and Spectra

PSVue 794 structure
Figure 1. Structure of apo-PSS 794, precursor of PSVue 794.
PsVue 794 spectra
Figure 2. PSVue 794 Absorption and Fluorescense Emission Spectra (5 µM solution; abs. max = 794 nm; fl. em. max = 810 nm).

Molecular Formula:

Molecular Weight:
1837.6 g/mol

Extinction Coefficient:
1.1 x 105 M-1 (in water)

Quantum Yield:
0.14 in water (higher in organic solvent)

Example Data

Example of data using PSVue 794 reagent kit
MPTP was used to induce cell death in mouse brains as a model for Parkinson's Disease. C57BI/6 mice were treated with MPTP to selectively destroy dopaminergic neurons. Mice were then injected with PSVue 794 dye or control dye and imaged on the Pearl® Imager 68 hrs post injection. A. control (i.e. non-targeting) dye; B. and C. PSVue 794 dye; D. excised brains from the three animals.

PSVue is a registered trademark of MTTI, used under license. PSVue is sold under license from MTTI. US Patent # 7,179,616 and others pending.

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