LI-COR: Providing Solutions for Clinical Translation.


Providing Solutions for
Clinical Translation

Imaging and therapeutic agents containing IRDye® fluorophores are currently in clinical trials for image-guided surgery and photodynamic therapy for cancer.

LI-COR Biosciences provides our customers with a licensing package for IRDye infrared dyes, which includes:

  • License
  • Access to large quantities of IRDye 800CW and IRDye 700DX
  • IRDye 800CW manufactured under current good manufacturing practices (cGMP)
  • Reference to our drug master files (DMF) on record with U.S. and European regulatory authorities
  • Access to the relevant patents
  • Toxicity study references
  • Technical IRDye support for FDA applications and meetings

If you are interested in using IRDye infrared dyes for investigational purposes, LI-COR can offer:

  • Grant application support letter
  • Pricing for IRDye infrared dyes

Contact Information


Phone: 1-402-467-07521-402-467-0752

For preclinical research: IRDye infrared dyes and imaging probes can be purchased on our Biotechnology website

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FDA approves study at Dartmouth that may provide unique “guiding light” for cancer surgeries.

LI-COR IRDye® 800CW will be used in image-guided surgery for brain and spine tumors.

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