The wide use of Arabidopsis thaliana in genetic and molecular studies has generated an extensive collection of point mutations, knockout, knockdowns, over-expressers and other mutant lines. Physiological assessment of these lines can demonstrate loss or gain of function necessary to demonstrate involvement of your favorite gene (AtYFG) or mutant allele (Atyfg). When equipped with a collection of alleles, researchers can explore expression effects on physiological carbon assimilation, water transpiration, and light capture and energy utilization.

For secondary screening and comparisons of experimental lines, rapid assessments of physiological processes can be accomplished by non-destructive measurement of whole-plant gas exchange of CO2 assimilation and H2O transpiration. Leaf-level gas-exchange measurements directly assess stomatal function, carbon assimilation and utilization biochemistry, and stress-signal transduction responses. Additionally, chlorophyll-fluorescence measurements provide non-destructive assessment of light-capture capacity by chlorophyll, efficiency of energy capture and utilization in photosynthesis and other processes, and effectiveness of protective mechanisms in preventing oxidative damage. Leaf area can be quantified by very rapid destructive measurements.


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The LI-6400XTA Portable Photosynthesis System for Arabidopsis Package is designed for molecular biologists, plant physiologists, and geneticists who study Arabidopsis thaliana. It provides a platform for physiological assessment of in situ function to validate regulatory or functional genes identified by genomic, molecular, or bioinformatics studies. In addition to the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System, the LI-6400XTA package includes the 6400-01 CO2 Injector System, 9901-013 External Quantum Sensor, Whole Plant Arabidopsis Chamber, the Red/Green/Blue (RGB) Light Source, and an AC power supply.

Controlling Temperature and Humidity

Controlling Temperature
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