Ecological Survey Measurements

Ecological survey measurements are snapshots of photosynthesis, transpiration, stomatal conductance, or other measures that can be useful to explore many research questions. For some applications of leaf gas exchange, it may be necessary to take many readings in order to obtain a reliable mean value. Many readings may be necessary to determine an accurate average for: a particular species, a particular height within a plant canopy (understory versus overstory), an ecological transect, a plant treatment, or to compare different genetic material under a fixed set of environmental conditions such as light, CO2, humidity, and temperature. The objective may be to look at variations in light-saturated rates of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance, or to compare sub-stomatal CO2 concentrations. For these survey types of applications, the LI-6400XT can be configured so that researchers can rapidly take many snapshot readings (click here to see example data) under a precise and repeatable set of environmental conditions, such that differences in gas exchange parameters can be measured without the confounding effects of fluctuating chamber environmental variables (light, CO2, humidity, temperature).

LI-COR Photosynthesis Systems:

The LI-6400XT and LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis Systems are compact, rugged, field portable instruments able to provide researchers with detailed information on plant responses such as CO2 assimilation rates, stomatal conductance, intercellular CO2 concentrations, carboxylation and light use efficiencies, and CO2 and light compensation points. The LI-6800 is our newest system, featuring a touch-screen interface and performance improvements including analyzer precision and the ability to complete survey measurements more rapidly. The LI-6800 system is also 40% lighter than the LI-6400XT system.

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