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Measurement of CO2 Evolution
in a Multiplexed Flask System

In its normal configuration, the LI-8100A Soil CO2 Flux System is designed to measure CO2 efflux from a continuous body of soil. Flux is determined by covering an area of soil with a chamber and monitoring the change in CO2 concentration with time in the chamber head space. With the addition of the LI-8150 Multiplexer, up to sixteen chambers can be interfaced with the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit allowing users to explore spatial and temporal variation in CO2 efflux across an area.


By installing either the 8150-670-8 or 8150-670-16 Flask Sampling Kit inside the LI-8150 Multiplexer this same technology can be applied to explore CO2 fluxes from discrete samples enclosed in custom chambers, or flasks. The installation includes some simple plumbing changes and the addition of an auxiliary pump inside the LI-8150. The pump serves to continuously flush chambers with ambient, or conditioned, air between measurements. This effectively maintains the chamber atmosphere at or near ambient between measurements and allows samples to be left in the chamber for extended periods of time, making this system well suited to explore temporal variation in CO2 flux. These modifications are easily reversible and with the auxiliary pump unpowered the instrument operates as normal.

Applications for flask measurements are varied. Similar measurement approaches have been applied in entomological studies to evaluate insect respiration, in studies of postharvest and developmental fruit biology, and for measurement of soil CO2 flux from isolates soil samples or cores. The multiplexed nature of this system makes it particularly well suited for applications where high through put is required, due to statistical or sample availability limitations.

LI-8100A Flask Sampling Kit


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