LI-COR Underwater PAR Sensors in RBR Multichannel Loggers

Multi Channel Data Loggers and Underwater Light Measurement

LI-192 and LI-193

LI-193 Spherical Quantum Sensor (left), and LI-192 Underwater Quantum Sensor (right)

RBR manufactures single, dual, and multi-channel data loggers for highly accurate measurements and long deployments. In the multi-channel logger series, the XR loggers accommodate up to six sensors, while the XRX loggers support up to 10 sensors. These loggers are available in moored (max 1Hz sampling) or profiling (max 6Hz sampling) configurations and can store up to 2,400,000 samples and be deployed for up to 3 years on one battery set.

Accurate measurement of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR, 400-700 nm) in aquatic environments is accomplished using either the LI-192 Underwater Quantum Sensor or the LI-193 Spherical Quantum Sensor. Limnologists, oceanographers and biologists who conduct aquatic productivity studies and vertical profiling use these sensors extensively.

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About LI-COR Underwater Sensors

Underwater or atmospheric Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) can be accurately measured using the LI-192 Underwater Quantum Sensor. The LI-192 is cosine corrected and features corrosion resistant, rugged construction for use in freshwater or saltwater at pressures up to 800 psi (5500 kPa, 560 meters depth).

The LI-193 Underwater Spherical Quantum Sensor gives an added dimension to underwater PAR measurements as it measures photon flux from all directions. This measurement is referred to as Photosynthetic Photon Flux Fluence Rate (PPFFR) or Quantum Scalar Irradiance. This is important, for example, when studying phytoplankton, which utilize radiation from all directions for photosynthesis.

The LI-193 features a high sensitivity optical design and compact, rugged construction for use in freshwater or saltwater at pressures up to 493 psi (3400 kPa, 350 meters depth).

About RBR

RBR manufactures rugged high precision instruments for applications in physical oceanography, limnology, coastal zone monitoring, water quality, and cryospheric research. Examples include Tide and Wave recorders, CTDs with optional DO, pH, ORP, turbidity, fluorescence and PAR measuring channels, thermistor strings, and a data controller. Founded by Richard Brancker in 1976, the company is now run by a team of enthusiastic engineers and oceanographers. RBR invests considerable effort into research and development, which is carried out in collaboration with customers to ensure that the instruments produced are precisely what the customer wants and can afford. RBR is a global leader in oceanographic instrumentation, providing competitive and innovative products to scientists worldwide. RBR Europe Ltd., UK, was established in August 2007 and is fully equipped to demonstrate and sell products. It is also the first point of contact for local customer support and a centre of technical excellence for representatives and agents in the region. Calibration equipment at RBR permits traceable calibration for oceanographic instruments including temperature to +/- 0.002 degrees, conductivity to +/- 0.003 mS/cm and pressure to +/- 0.015%. In house calibration of DO, pH, ORP and turbidity complement those for the fundamental physical measurements. RBR's facilities and capabilities permit them to build many special purpose and custom instruments.