Active volcanoes have far-reaching effects on climate since they release, among other greenhouse gases, large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is estimated that volcanoes release an average of 130 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year. Not only do volcanic eruptions affect climate, they also can change entire ecological communities in an instant. Furthermore, eruptions result in tectonic instability, which can lead to additional eruptions, the creation of new volcanoes, and major earthquakes with associated tsunamis, all of which can cause loss of life and catastrophic financial losses. Monitoring CO2 and other gas emissions from volcanoes can provide signals of changes taking place inside the volcanoes and, as a result, contribute to better predictions of possible eruptions.

The LI-8100A Automated Soil CO2 Flux System provides a way for volcanologists to study CO2 levels at a volcano's surface, either by making quick survey measurements at numerous locations or by performing continuous autonomous measurements at a single study site. It also can be configured to make continuous measurements of ambient CO2 levels. The LI-8100A measures carbon dioxide from 0 to 20,000 ppm and water vapor from 0 to 40 mmol/mol. Other features of the LI-8100A include wireless communications capabilities, Ethernet communications and sophisticated data processing software.

High precision CO2/H2O analyzers such as the LI-7500DS Open Path or LI-7200 Enclosed Path analyzers can also be used to monitor volcanic emissions.

The following LI-COR Analyzers can be used to Study Volcanology

LI-8100 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System

LI-8100A Automated
Soil CO2 Flux System

  • Measures CO2 exchange from soils
  • Multiplexed configuration available for larger sampling area
  • Useful for survey or long-term measurements

Complete Eddy Covariance Systems

Components. Resources. Software. Training.

  • Turnkey systems to measure CO2, H2O, and CH4 flux
  • Open path and enclosed path options
  • Modular systems can be expanded with additional biomet sensors
LI-850 CO2/H2O Analyzer

LI-850 CO2/H2O Analyzer

  • Practical for continuous monitoring applications
  • Compact and lightweight
  • User-cleanable optics