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LEEF Program Benefits

The LEEF grant program equips college classrooms with research-grade instrumentation. LI-COR instruments are recognized worldwide for standard-setting innovation in plant and environmental sciences.

LEEF offers a variety of benefits to students, faculty, and the university as a whole.

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  • Learn to operate scientific equipment and follow a project from start to finish
  • Conduct hands-on research using the most advanced instrumentation available
  • Develop critical thinking, problem identification, and time management skills
  • Gain an advantage when applying for employment or graduate school


  • Integrate ongoing research with teaching
  • Interact with students using instruments in the classroom and in the field
  • Use LI-COR's software for enhanced teaching
  • Explain complex processes more easily


  • Students are better prepared to enter graduate level studies
  • Enhanced student/faculty interaction
  • Instrumentation helps with faculty and curriculum development
  • Classroom scientific research enhances recognition and recruitment