The LEEF Carbon Monitoring System Includes:

  • Matching Funds! LI-COR offers the LEEF Carbon Monitoring System by matching the funds required to purchase it
  • LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit: The gas analysis, data storage and communication center of the LI-8100A System. Includes Auxiliary Sensor Interface, Serial Cable Interface, RS-232 Serial Cable, RS-232-to-USB Adapter, Spares Kit, Compact Flash Memory Card, PC Card Adapter, Ethernet Adapter Card and Cable, Shoulder Strap Kit, Software CD (Windows® and Windows® Mobile Interface plus exclusive Data Analysis Software), and Instruction Manual
  • LI-8150-8 Eight-Port Multiplexer: Allows for connection of up to eight long-term chambers (four long-term chambers are included in the LEEF Carbon Monitoring System) for soil CO2 flux and/or use available ports for other applications. Includes Spares Kit and Cable/Hose Assemblies for connection to the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit
  • 8100-102 Survey Chamber, 10 cm: Connects directly to the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit. Includes 8100-201 Soil Temperature Probe, gasket kit, spares kit, and six soil collars
  • 8100-103 Survey Chamber, 20 cm diameter: Connects directly to the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit. Includes 8100-201 Soil Temperature Probe, gasket kit, spares kit, and six soil collars
  • Four 8100-104 Long-term Chambers, 20 cm: Designed for use with the LI-8150 Multiplexer. Can also be used with the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit. Includes gasket kit, spares kit, and two soil collars
  • 8100-910 Clear Chamber Bowl Assembly: Used to convert the 8100-104 long-term chamber to a clear chamber for Net Carbon Exchange studies
  • 8150-670-8 Flask Sampling Kit: Includes all hardware needed to connect up to eight flasks to the LI-8150-8 Multiplexer
  • Four 8150-705 Cable/Hose Extension Assemblies, 15 m: Used to connect long-term chambers to the multiplexer
  • 8100-704 Cable/Hose Assembly, 2 m: Used to connect a single long-term chamber to the Analyzer Control Unit
  • 8150-770-01 AC Power Supply: Used to power multiple long-term chambers with mains power
  • 8150-706 DC Power Cable: Used to connect the system to a user-supplied battery
  • 8100-204 Theta Soil Moisture Probe: Model ML2, with bare leads for direct connection to LI-8100A
  • Four 8150-202 Soil Moisture Probes: Used for multiple chamber measurements
  • Four 8150-203 Soil Temperature Thermistor: Used for multiple chamber measurements
  • 8150-662 Profiling Kit: Used for both vertical or horizontal profile measurements
  • 8100-664 Trace Gas Sampling Kit: Used to collect samples from the same air stream used to measure CO2 flux for further trace gas analysis
  • Five 8150-250 Bev-A-Line packages: Used for profiling studies along with the profiling kit
  • 8100-604 Leveling Stake: Used with the LI-190SZ Quantum Sensor for Net Carbon Exchange studies
  • LI-190SZ Quantum Sensor and Amplifier: Used for Net Carbon Exchange studies
  • 8100-564 Windows Mobile Wireless Communication Package: Includes Windows® Mobile Device, CF Socket Serial Cable, Cisco® Wireless Card (802.11b), and Travel Charger
  • Three 6400-03 Batteries: Used for survey measurements. One battery needed to operate the LI-8100A. Each battery provides approximately 3 hours of battery life
  • LI-6020 Battery Charger: Can recharge up to four 6400-03 batteries simultaneously
  • 8100-405 CO2 Mapping Kit: Used to measure and map carbon dioxide emissions over a large area
  • $500 Consumables Voucher: Used to purchase any consumable you may need over a five year period
  • $500 Travel Voucher: For presentation of qualifying undergraduate research
  • Five sets of 8100-512 Training DVDs: A two-DVD set each. Great for new users of the LI-8100A
  • Four-Year Extended Warranty: Extends the standard one-year warranty of the LI-8100A, LI-8150-8 and all six chambers to a total of five years
  • Four certificates for three-day training course held at LI-COR Biosciences
  • LI-8100A Teaching Resource DVD/CD Set
  • Windows, Windows Mobile, Mapping and Data Analysis software
  • Full Scientific and Technical Support

The LEEF Climate Change System is designed to support inquiry-based education in primarily undergraduate institutions. If you are not certain you qualify for this Program, please email LEEF Program Coordinator Alicia Minzel at or call (800) 645-4201 for more information.

Below you will find information regarding the various components, measurements and applications of the LEEF Carbon Monitoring System:

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