LEEF Ecophysiology Package

The LEEF Ecophysiology Package, featuring the LI-6400XTR Portable Photosynthesis and Fluorescence System, includes a leaf chamber fluorometer and interchangeable chambers designed for exploring specialized topics such as leaf chlorophyll fluorescence, soil respiration, and insect respiration.

The LEEF Ecophysiology Package Includes:


How to Apply
For more information about the LEEF Program, contact us:

Exclusive Grant LI-COR offers the LEEF Ecophysiology package with a grant covering 50% of the list price for qualified LEEF participants

  • LI-6400XTR Portable Photosynthesis and Fluorescence System

    • System Console
    • Sensor head with CO2/H2O analyzers
    • Standard 6 cm2 Leaf Chamber with internal PAR sensor
    • Leaf Chamber Fluorometer
    • CO2 Injector System for controlling CO2
    • Red/Blue LED Light Source for controlling light
    • External Quantum Sensor
    • Four Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Charger
  • Additional Package Chambers

    • Soil CO2 Flux Chamber
    • Insect Respiration Chamber Kit
    • One additional Leaf Chamber of your choice (Choose from the Whole Plant Arabidopsis Chamber, Conifer Chamber, Needle Chamber, Clear Bottom for Standard Chamber, Extended Reach Chamber, Narrow Leaf Chamber, or Custom Chamber Kit)
  • Additional Package Components

    • AC Power Supply
    • Expanded Temperature Control Kit
    • NEW! iPad® 16 GB Wi-Fi
    • $500 coupon towards the purchase of consumables
    • $500 travel award for presentation of qualifying undergraduate research
  • Service and Training

    • Five Year (total) Service Package including five-year extended warranty, software upgrades, two factory recalibrations, and system maintenance services at no charge during the five-year warranty period
    • Five Year LI-COR Training Package including 3 certificates for the five-day training course (Photosynthesis in Education) and 4 certificates for the three-day training course (Gas Exchange and Fluorescence). LEEF Training Details
    • DVD Training Video (five sets)
    • DVD/CD set: Photosynthesis Educational Resource Package

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