LEEF Eddy Covariance Package

The LEEF Eddy Covariance Package features a complete eddy covariance system from LI‑COR, with installation assistance from the LI‑COR team. Components include the LI‑7500DS Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer and a sonic anemometer. Also included are the SMARTFlux™ System for automated data processing, a modem for remote access, and LI‑COR’s Heavy Duty Adjustable Tripod. The LI‑7500DS is the most widely used CO2/H2O analyzer for carbon dioxide flux and evapotranspiration measurements worldwide. Find out more at the eddy covariance systems product page.


How to Apply
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Eddy Covariance teacher with students

Teaching with the LI-COR Eddy Covariance System

The LEEF Eddy Covariance system helps students understand the role of landscape and ecosystem-level gas exchange — important for meteorology, climatology, agriculture, and ecology. Students can observe how various factors affect the movement of carbon dioxide and water vapor into and out of the ecosystem.

Thanks to the included modem and SMARTFlux System, students in the classroom can remotely view fully processed fluxes of sensible heat, latent heat, evapotranspiration, CO2, and H2O in real time. Your curriculum could also include instrument installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, processing raw data sets, and the theory and experimental design of eddy covariance measurements.


LI‑COR eddy covariance systems are used in numerous applications ranging from plant growth and point source emissions to ecosystem functioning and global climate issues. Topics for study could include:

  • Ecology/carbon cycle
  • Climate change
  • Agriculture (including yield and water usage research)
  • Hydrological cycle/evapotranspiration
  • Oceanography
  • Urban studies on the effect of vegetative cover
  • Carbon capture and sequestration
  • Remote sensing validation

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