The LEEF Eddy Covariance Package Includes:

Exclusive Grant LI‑COR offers the LEEF Eddy Covariance Package with a grant covering 30% of the list price for qualified LEEF participants

    Site Analysis and Design

    LI‑COR experts will work with you to examine potential eddy covariance (EC) sites and help you to identify locations for EC towers.


    How to Apply
    For more information about the LEEF Program, contact us:

    On-Site Installation

    During a 2-day visit, LI‑COR staff will assist with installation, integration and configuration of your system. They will also assist with initial processing and analysis of the data. You will be able to start using the system in the classroom right away.

    LI-7900EF EddyFlux System

    A complete eddy covariance system for the measurement of CO2 and H2O. Includes:

    • LI-7500DS Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer: Gas analyzer for high speed, high precision measurements. The LI-7500DS is ideal for field deployment and use with solar power supplies.
    • The SMARTFlux™ System for automated processing of raw data at the field site
    • Gill WindMaster™ Ultrasonic Anemometer
    • Cellular Communication Modem
    • One-year subscription to FluxSuite, a cloud-based monitoring and data management software for eddy covariance stations. Provides plots of fully processed flux results, right from the field site.
    • Heavy Duty Adjustable Tripod
    • Power Distribution Accessories
    • Service and Training

Solar Power: An optional solar power package designed for your particular site is also available from LI‑COR. There will be an additional cost that varies by site.

Biomet Sensor Package: Optional biomet systems available with a choice of sensor packages to meet the needs of most eddy covariance setups.

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