Photosynthesis LEEF Application Information

1. Gain the support of your department and institution

The following letter can be used to introduce LEEF to your department and/or institution. Modify it to fit your needs and submit it to the appropriate personnel. Use the letter for the package of your choice:

LI-6800 LEEF Gas Exchange and Fluorescence Letter
LI-6800 LEEF Photosynthesis Letter
LI-6800 LEEF Ecophysiology Letter
LEEF Ecophysiology Letter
LEEF Bud Letter

2. Apply for the LEEF grant

Complete the on-line application. LI‑COR reviews applications on a continuing basis and will notify you within two to three weeks.

3. Pursue the remaining funds

To cover the remaining cost, PUIs have used NSF grants, USDA grants, trust fund or regional grants, department funds, start-up funds, president's discretionary funds, institution funds, funds from alumni associations or community groups, and other sources. See our Grant Information page for help in finding and applying for funds.

4. Attend Training

A LEEF-exclusive 5-day training course is offered every year in June for Ecophysiology LEEF grant recipients. This course covers how to set up the instrument, take measurements, analyze data, use the instrument in classes, troubleshoot the instrument, and use different chambers and accessories. LI‑COR also offers 2-Day and 3-Day Training Courses throughout the year which are a condensed version of the training course. Learn more at our LEEF Ecophysiology Training page.

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